since 1990

Guildwood Group has proven to be a trusted partner by providing comprehensive performance based talent acquisition program. We offer a vertically aligned & cross-functional recruitment service in the industry sectors we serve.


Our team of experienced & dedicated partners is the cornerstone to our success, possessing a unique blend of professional search experience & superior knowledge in their areas of specialization. 


Our philosophy is predicated on finding the right individual who will thrive & achieve success with the mandate set before them.



Process Overview:



Guildwood Group

Your trusted partner in the demanding world of human resources

  • Our search partners meet with key members of your executive team to fully understand your internal culture, objectives and the role requirements. 
  • We conduct an exhaustive talent sourcing and identification process & interview all suitable candidates.
  • For every candidate we conduct a thorough analysis of credentials, expectations, including our assessment of the candidate's potential.
  • Our due diligence process is maintained throughout the recruitment process assuring quality, accuracy of information to minimizing any risk factors. 
  • Our partners can assist in offer formulation regarding remuneration, incentives & benefits ensuring a successful conclusion to the search.
  • After the candidate has commenced employment, we follow-up with all stakeholders to ensure the onboarding process is a complete success.